How do I enrol?
How do I enrol?
How do I enrol?

We are committed to ensuring our courses are as accessible as possible. We offer enrolment on many courses at different times throughout the year and also deliver courses at community locations across the city. Give us a call on 01902 558180 or drop into the Foyer where we can advise you further. It is always a good idea to enrol as early as you can. Some courses are very popular and fill up very quickly. The earlier you enrol, the more likely you are to get a place on the course of your choice.

I’ve chosen a course what do I do next?

You have reached a decision about the course you are interested in so now you can do one of the following:

  • Check out any forthcoming enrolments events where you are invited to find out more information, meet staff, look at the learning environment and enrol
  • Register interest in a course on this website. You will be emailed by a member of the Student Services team who will confirm receipt of your enquiry and you’re your details to the relevant department.
  • Call Student Services on 01902 551658 to get further information.

Can I enrol on-line?

We want to make sure that you enrol on the right course at the right level, so that you have every chance of success. This is best achieved through a one-to-one discussion with you so we can fully understand your goals and previous learning experience. We don’t currently offer on-line enrolment on our courses. There are good reasons for this:

  • For some courses we may need you to do an assessment activity before joining a course, so that we can see at what level your skills are. This is especially important and useful for adults who have no or few formal qualifications, but who may have skills gained through life experience or the work place
  • Before you join a course the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), who provide all or part of the funding for your course, require us to check on their system what learning you have done previously
  • Once we have sorted out with you which of our course options is best for you, we need to check whether you are eligible for a free course, a discount or other financial support. This usually means physically checking documentation such as benefit letters

Enrolment in person ensures that our friendly and knowledgable staff can make joining a course as easy and smooth for you as possible. They will work with you to ensure you get on the right course at the right level and one that helps you achieve your goals. You can help us get to know your background more quickly and speed up enrolment by completing, printing off and bringing with you our Learning Agreement form.

What do I need to bring to enrol?

Many of our courses will simply involve completing a Learning Agreement form and you will need to provide your national insurance number.

You can help us get to know your background more quickly and speed up enrolment by completing, printing off and bringing with you our Learning Agreement.

Other evidence you may be asked to provide:

  • Photo ID e.g. a passport, driving licence, Application Registration Card
  • Proof of address e.g. a household bill, bank statement
  • Proof of qualifications e.g. record of achievement, certificates
  • Statement of Educational Needs, if you have one
  • Evidence of how you will be paying for your course
  • A letter from your employer if they are paying

What is an Initial Assessment or a Skills Check?

For some courses you may need to sit an initial assessment or skills check before you enrol (e.g. English, Maths etc.). This is to check which level you are currently working at to ensure you are enrolled on the right course for your ability. The initial assessment is usually carried out online and staff will be available to ensure you are comfortable and that you know what to expect.
Paying for your course

You may qualify for free courses, reduced fees, learning loans, other financial help or be able to pay by instalments.

A warm welcome awaits so drop in for a chat and we will be happy to help!

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