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Nathan Preen – NCFC Art level 1 and 2

My name is Nathan Preen; I am Autistic.

Prior to attending classes at Adult Education Wolverhampton (AEW), I had attended Kingston Centre a school that was dedicated to children with Special educational needs. Having been introduced to art at Kington this is where my passion for the subject began.

Being autistic I have always struggled with change and interacting with new people but wanting to pursue my passion my mum recommended I try art classes at Adult Education Wolverhampton, a place where she too had attended classes that had helped her to upskill and progress.

I enrolled at AEW and started my creative Journey working from Level 1 to Level 2. It was hard at first and I struggled with my confidence, I felt shy but this was soon dispelled and my journey began. The teachers were amazing and I learnt so much about styles and techniques and different perspectives. I made friends in class and we shared ideas and encouraged each other's creativity. My art opens up a new world, a place where there are no differences and no boundaries. I would recommend AEW it's a great place to learn, and it helped me to gain confidence and new skills to pursue a creative future.

Since completing my Level 1 and 2 qualifications my confidence has soared and I have started to explore my options to progress my creativity. I never believed it would be possible to exhibit my work but I have recently been accepted to exhibit at Himley Hall in an exhibition starting in early June.

I am currently looking for a Level 3 qualification and would like to progress on to university and eventually work in the gaming industry specialising in Graphic Design. I have come a long way since Kingston. If I could talk to my 12-year-old self I would say, "It's ok to be nervous, push your boundaries, and believe in yourself, having a disability doesn't hold you back. I am autistic and proud of the person I have become."

The exhibition starts Monday 3rd June at Himley Hall Coffee Lounge.

To find out about our creative offer starting September 2024 join us at our open day on Saturday 22 June between 10am – 2pm or visit www.aes.wolverhampton.gov.uk to view our full course offer. 

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