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'Like Minds' helped me to thrive

It's always great to catch up with our students and find out how learning has helped them to progress.

Read Mark's story and find out how gaining confidence has enabled him to thrive.

Mark Corbett – Like Minds Yoga

"I have suffered with my health for many years and more recently suffered 2 strokes which severely affected my mobility, to the point that I was completely immobile for 6 months, which meant that I had to give up work.

During my rehabilitation, it was suggested that I engage in an activity that would benefit my physical and mental health so I registered for Like Minds Yoga. Classes are designed for people like myself who are recovering from a major life change that has affected their physical and or mental health.

I have been attending classes for a year now and I can honestly say that it has made an incredible difference to my life. My mobility has improved and so has my mental health. My dogs are my lifeline and I can now walk short distances with them which for me is incredibly important. My classmates are also a great inspiration and have helped to build my confidence.

I have been a member of Wombourne Writers for many years and have had a poem published in 'Our Earth Our Future', the first in a few years. My classmates have been very supportive and have encouraged me to read my poetry aloud in class, something that I would never have dreamt possible a year ago. It's amazing what you can accomplish with just a little support.

I'm a different person from the one who joined the class a year ago. My mobility has improved and my confidence has soared, to the point that I will be reading my poetry at a public event in the coming weeks.

Who would have guessed that Like Minds yoga would be so beneficial to my body and soul?" 

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