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Family Learning - Case Studies

Gurdeep Kaur – Family Learning English and Maths

I first came to the UK in 2020 with very limited English. This made communicating, making friends, and finding employment very difficult. In 2022 I joined ESOL classes, worked through the courses, and improved my communication skills.

This year Adult Education started to offer Community English and maths classes at my children's school. I have been attending since September and feel like I am making good progress. The skills I have learned have helped with my confidence and my English language skills have improved a great deal. Since attending I have gained the confidence to apply for jobs and am now working as a Lunchtime Supervisor and a cleaner in a school.

Learning is helping to change my life for the better and I plan to continue gaining skills and qualifications to enable me to work as a teaching assistant. I want to work towards gaining Functional Skills in English and Maths and progress onto a Teaching Assistant course, enabling me to apply for a career working with children in the classroom. 

by Gurdeep Kaur

Baljit Kaur – Family Learning St Luke's Primary

Having worked for most of my life when I had my children I decided to become a stay-at-home mum. When my boys started school, I had some free time during the day so I joined a group at my boy's school where I engaged in voluntary work helping the teacher and the children with their work. An activity that I really enjoyed. This experience led me to attending and completing a Level 3 Teaching Assistant Diploma at Adult Education Wolverhampton (AEW) back in 2020. Subsequently, the COVID-19 pandemic had taken hold and everything locked down, putting my hopes of applying to become a teaching assistant on standstill.

This year AEW started to deliver Family Learning classes at my Children's school giving me another opportunity to gain further skills that would help my progression back into the workplace and my confidence with English and Maths which was lacking.

Currently, I am attending a community English class and have recently completed the community Maths. The Family Learning sessions have been great, they have given me confidence and a great deal of knowledge, as well as meeting other women in the same group. These skills have enabled me to help my children with their schoolwork which is very rewarding. My newfound confidence has given me the motivation to apply for a job and I now work as a lunchtime supervisor at a primary school.

Family Learning has given me the enthusiasm to continue and further my learning and the confidence to pursue work. I hope to go on to gain further English and Maths qualifications with AEW and I will be applying for jobs to work as a teaching assistant.

I had some free time during the day, so I joined a group at my boy's school, which entitled me doing charity work for the school and participate/ voluntary work at the school in helping children with their work and other stuff and also assisting the class teacher, which I had enjoyed doing.

Adult Education offers the opportunity to better your skills and your career prospects. For me being with like-minded adults of a similar age has made for a very rewarding learning experience and it is encouraging to know that I am not alone in pursuing my career through further learning.

by Baljit Kaur
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