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Everyday skills for our students

Our Life Skills Everyday Living skills classes support students to gain the skills they require to lead a healthy life reducing their dependency on others and increasing their independence. Students build on their personal development: improving confidence, developing social interaction, improving communication skills, relationships and developing resilience.

In response to students and parent/carers who have requested this type of delivery, the room is equipped with everyday items used within the home and are used to replicate everyday situations, giving students the opportunity to develop their domestic skills. These skills include making beds, cleaning, washing laundry, washing up and ironing. Students also have access to a microwave, toaster and kettle which can be used to make simple meals and snacks.

Health and safety is a key aspect as students practice and repeat processes to learn how to perform tasks within the home in a safe environment. Support is gradually removed to increase students' independence.

This week students have been carrying out everyday tasks, such as making a bed, washing and ironing. Students made themselves a hot drink after which they washed and dried the mugs and spoons, they used. They then washed the tea towels which had been used and hung them to dry. Some students had a go at using the iron while others cleaned the room, using the vacuum, brush and cleaning the work surfaces. 

Well done to you all, excellent job!

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