Choosing the right course is a big decision, especially when there are so many options available.

Some of the following statements may help put you in the right direction or you may prefer to look at a full list of courses using our course search. Don’t be daunted - we're here to help.

I want to get the basics

Would you like help with your English and Maths?

Improving your English and Maths skills will help you in everyday life and in the workplace. English and Maths courses are FREE if you do not already have a GCSE grade C or above (grade 9-4) in this subject. You won’t have to pay exam and assessment fees either. We deliver programmes from Entry Level up to Level 2.

If your goal is to get a job, get a promotion or to progress to higher level study, then improving your English and maths skills is a great start.

New courses starting in September, please call in to make a course application. Please bring with you proof of your ID that contains your photograph, current address and your national insurance number and any previous qualification certificates.

Call 01902 551658 or contact us for further information or to book a skills check.

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I want a new career

A work related course can help you get started on a new career path. Many courses are suitable for complete beginners with opportunities for further progression.

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I want to update my skills

A professional qualification can help you gain skills at a higher level in the work you already do. It can also give you formal recognition for the work you do. This could help you get a promotion or improve your CV for future employers. Alternatively updating your skills can help you keep up with changes to the modern workplace.

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I want to go to university but I don’t have the right qualifications

Our Access to Higher Education Diploma can offer an alternative to A’ Levels. If you’ve been out of education for a while, Access courses are an ideal way to get back into studying. You’ll learn how to study at this level as well as learning your subject.

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I want to learn a language

Our qualified teachers have taught languages at Adult Education Wolverhampton for many years. Now, our teachers continue to provide independent classes at various levels. Adult Education is also able to offer introductory courses from time to time. We also offer the opportunity to learn British Sign Language (BSL) from Introduction to Advanced Level.

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I want to explore my creativity

Be inspired to pursue your design skills in courses like silver jewellery making, hat making, interior design, soft furnishings or pottery. We also offer the opportunity to explore the artist in you. We offer media courses to develop your technical and creative skills. Alternatively you may want to extend your culinary repertoire in our range of cookery and sugar craft courses and then work it all off in our range of exercise courses!

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I want to increase my independent living and confidence

Singing and performance classes will help to develop your confidence, as well as develop new skills. Alternatively you may have suffered from anxiety or depression and need the chance to meet new people and find an outlet to relax. We also offer a range of classes for learners who have learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

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I want help to work out what to do next

We can offer help to work with you to explore the best course of action for your situation. We can consider qualifications you may have already achieved, your interests, identify your ambitions for the future and then come up with different options you may have never even considered. Either request a guidance session or call Student Services on 01902 551658 or 01902 558180.

Alternatively, use the online form on our contact us page if you would like more information.

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