Great location, facilities, and a safe place to study

Most of our classes are in the city centre. So, we are easy to get to by bus, tram or train. In just a few minutes you will be inside our welcoming, clean, warm, well-ventilated, and safe buildings.

Ofsted praises Outstanding personal development of adult learners

Ofsted inspected the service, which offers a wide range of high quality academic and community learning courses across Wolverhampton, between 26 and 29 November 2019. You can read some of the very positive comments Ofsted made about us here.

75% progress to employment or further study

In 2020-21, more than 75% of our students went on to employment or a higher level of study, taking them closer to their goals and aspirations.

97% High student satisfaction rates

We get lots of great feedback from our students. In our 2020-21 student satisfaction online survey 98% of students said they would recommend Adult Education Wolverhampton to others. In the survey our students gave us particularly high ratings for the quality of teaching and learning and being treated well by staff.

Great benefits from learning

In our 2020-21 survey 85% of our students said their course helped them to keep physically and mentally well and 80% said their studies helped them to work or study independently and make independent decisions. And over 70% said the course helped them to be more involved in their community and society. This might have been volunteering, voting or getting involved in community groups.

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