Mission Statement
Mission Statement

Our Mission

To make a positive difference to the lives of individuals and communities through high quality learning that inspires, challenges and leads to further learning and employment.

Our Vision

Through education, we will transform the lives of Wolverhampton residents raising their aspirations and promoting their prosperity. Our opportunities will inspire people of all ages to invest in lifelong learning. The student experience will be outstanding, promoting personal development, building confidence and meeting ambition. Students will study in an exceptional environment where safety, equity, fairness, and inclusivity are top priority. Enrichment opportunities will enhance learning and develop positive civic values and behaviours.

Our Council Values

maintaining the highest standards of service and conduct always

for our students, communities, our environment, and each other

doing the right thing; being honest, trustworthy, ethical, and fair

learning from and valuing the diversity that our students, our communities, and our staff bring to the Service

striving to achieve consistently high standards and to exceed the expectations of our students and other stakeholders