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  • Which course is for me?

    Which course is for me?

    Choosing the right course is a big decision, especially when there are so many options available. Some of the following Read More
  • How do I enrol?

    How do I enrol?

    We are committed to ensuring our courses are as accessible as possible. We offer enrolment on many courses at different Read More
  • Levels Explained

    Levels Explained

    When you search for a course you may see references to the level of qualification or prior levels required on Read More
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  • Courses Level 3 and above

    It is important to explore different options available to meet the costs of your course and you may wish to Read More
  • Upcoming courses

    During each academic year Adult Education Wolverhampton offers a wide range of courses.Our list of courses is updated each month Read More
  • Free Courses

    Worried about the cost of learning?  There are no charges for many of our courses and the good news is Read More
  • Learning Clubs

    Learning Clubs are perfect if you want to learn in an informal class. They cater for both beginners and experienced Read More
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Paying for my course

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