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“Putting adult community education back into the national conversation.”

What is #AdultConversations?
#AdultConversations is a national campaign for 2021 which will incorporate a set of events with the aim to amplify and redefine adult community education clearly for all sectors.

A website has been set up where a different contribution will be posted each week throughout the year. They are open to all types of contributions which focus on adult community education. This might be blog articles, academic articles, essays,
poems, art works, podcasts, news pieces, stories, films – from either adult educators or students.

They might be reflective pieces, sharing of experiences, research pieces, a polemic or a think piece. That’s really up to you. They just ask that you please adhere to our community guidelines on ethos and values.

To read the pieces already submitted go to 

They are also posting the pieces on twitter using #Adultconversations #52weeks52speaks

Have something you’d like to contribute?
Want to contribute a piece to #52weeks52speaks?

Email your article or creative endeavours to

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