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Everyone Needs Digital Skills!

ICT usage is becoming more and more important in day-to-day life, as people become dependent on their digital devices. It is even more important as England enters another national lockdown. What better way is there to keep connected with friends and family and digital skills have become essential in making it possible for more of us to work from home. In recent surveys, 78% of UK adults owned a smartphone and 64% of adults described the internet as ‘an essential part of their life’ (Wikijob 2021).

Using technology is often seen as being too hard to use or too complicated to learn but so was learning to ride a bike when you were young and you managed that. Our teachers are patient and understanding and they have a passion for sharing their knowledge with you so why not find out more about our courses that can support you to improve your digital skills.

Using digital skills is now part of most jobs. Follow the link below to find out how digital skills are used in specific job roles. Learning these new essential skills could help you to change your job or improve your skills:

Digital Skills courses at Adult Education Wolverhampton

We have classes at all levels to suit people of all abilities, interests, and ambitions. We enrol students throughout the academic year.

On our computing and digital skills courses you will:

  • build confidence in using a range of digital devices including computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • gain practical digital skills that are essential for life, other courses and work
  • work towards gaining a digital qualification which is nationally recognised

ICT courses on offer

  • Introduction to Digital Skills - This course is your first step in developing knowledge and understanding of digital skills whether this is using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.
  • Keeping safe using the internet – This short online course will help you identify the risks of using the internet, be able to recognise negative online behaviours and take the necessary precautions to safeguard themselves and others.
  • Keeping your child safe online - This short online course will allow you to develop your knowledge so that you can support your children with more confidence in using the Internet and other digital services safely.
  • Essential Digital Skills – These courses will help you to develop your existing knowledge and understanding of digital skills preparing you to meet the needs of employers or further learning and supporting you in everyday life.

AEW is celebrating Internet Safety Day this February. 

Following internet safety is an important part of using a computer, laptop, smartphone or digital device. This subject is embedded into all ICT learning at AEW so that you will know how to protect everyone online.

AEW Quiz

Winners announced!

In celebration of Internet Safety Day and to promote our digital skills classes, AEW organised a quiz this week.

Well done to the lucky winners Sanu, Manisha, and Iona who will each receive a £20 Amazon voucher in the post.

Thank you to all of you who entered.


Wikijob (2021) ICT SKILLS. Available at: (accessed 8th January 2021)

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