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Improve your mental health

Join a Like Minds class to improve your mental health

Like Minds’ classes are ideal if you are recovering from stress, anxiety or mild depression. Taking part in the creative process can help to improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing as you learn to express yourself. You will have an opportunity to take time out to focus on yourself whilst coming together with others in a similar situation.

Follow the story of Marie Smith, national Festival of Learning Award winner. Marie Smith’s recovery began when she was referred to one of our Like Minds arts and crafts courses by her psychologist. She realised that learning something that she enjoyed gave her a reason to get up in the morning.

Marie is a survivor of sexual abuse. She developed severe depression, which meant she rarely left her house, leaving her very isolated. Since returning to learning her self-esteem has grown and she has had the chance to build close friendships. Her mental health has improved and she has been able to return to work. Marie is now studying for a degree in glass and ceramics at Wolverhampton University and aims to become a self-employed artist and work in the community to help others in a similar situation.

To take part in a Like Minds class you will need to be referred by your GP or Health professional. A referral form can be obtained from the Continuing Education department, Student Services or contact us direct. Classes are suitable for all levels of ability and experience.

You will learn in a relaxed environment, meet new people and develop new skills. As the course progresses you should feel an increase in your own vitality, enhanced self-awareness and improved mental and emotional wellbeing.

Activities may include:

  • art
  • crafts
  • flower arranging
  • yoga

Marie said, “Once I started learning I realised I wanted to overcome the burden of my past. Adult Education has given me so much strength and determination. My future is now bright. I know what I want in life and I know where my journey is taking me. I can actually say education has saved my life.”

Are you suffering from anxiety or depression? Why not get in touch and find out how you can join one of our Like Minds courses. You too could join Marie and the many students who have re-built their lives after taking part in one of our classes.

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