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You will never walk alone


The uncertainties in the daily life of my students who have learning disabilities in this current climate withself-isolation and lockdown, is likely to have a much greater effect on them than on most of us. In these times, staying connected and positive will help them to improve their anxiety and their resilience. Like all my colleagues working from home in isolation, I have prepared and sent homework packs to every student. Keeping my students in a routine and studying as if they were in their classroom is the best way to preserve a sense of normality.

Students have responded positively and are working towards completing their homework. I need to keep up with worksheets as some of them are already requesting more and a second pack is already on its way to their homes. A couple of students have moved to Evesham for the duration of the lockdown and they have asked me to send their homework to their new address!That's what I call dedication.

I have also checked all the birth dates of my students and I will send a card to those who have birthdays during this period in lockdown. I believe it is important to stay in touch regularly with my students and have done so since the situation started. I think it's important that they know that they are not alone. 

Cécile Loubaud – Life Skills Cookery Teacher

Studying from home... 

​Cooking at Home

Students where supplied with recipes and instructions and (where it was safe and possible to do so) were asked to continue cooking at home. Here are some of the results

Andrew Wilton made Chocolate Muffins and Robert Blewitt made Apple Crumble.

Robert Blewitt made a Victoria Sponge. 

 Calculating money

Beck's and Sarah have been completing homework on money. Becks's learning goal is to be able to work with money in everyday situations. In this work she has demonstrated that she can independently calculate different amounts of money using coins and notes.

 Student Feedback

Cecile your support has been great for me!

by Becks Duroe - Life Skills (Move On - Cookery)

Thanks for the update on my homework. I miss you, and look forward to seeing you again soon

by Sarah Whitehouse – Life Skills - (Keep Learning Cookery)

Preparing for university
Remote learning... a new way forward!

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