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World Mental Health Day 2019


Raising awareness of Mental Health

In recognition of World Mental Health Day, Adult Education Wolverhampton joined local providers to deliver an important message about raising the awareness of Mental Health and promoting the support that is available across Wolverhampton.

Adult Education promoted the difference learning can have on an individual and how taking part in in group learning activities can help improve health, wellbeing and enjoyment of life. It was a great day and we met with lots residents thinking of making a new start. We look forward to meeting them again one day soon in our classes.

​A journey...

During the event we networked with some of the amazing organisations available in Wolverhampton. We met Kate Penman, one of the Authors of the magazine Collectivism (a collective of voices that authentically represent the city and promote the arts, community groups and charities) who introduced us to the Collectivism Recovery Exhibition. What a fantastic surprise it was to see that some of the amazing thought provoking work had been created by 2 former and one current student from the Access to Higher Education, Art and Design Diploma run by Adult Education Wolverhampton. The exhibition challenged addiction related stigma and gave a platform for artists to share their stories and lived experience through art. 

Robin Firth 

Robin Firth completed the Access to Higher Education Diploma in Art and Design over a decade ago.

Alongside his own contributions to the Collectivism Recovery Exhibition, Robin worked with Good Shepherd service user, Darren who is battling addiction. Taking Darren's creative ideas and sketches Robin created the poster illustration of King Pip. The collaboration has really inspired Darren in his recovery journey.

Anna Smith

Anna Smith started her journey with Adult Education at the Age of 17 when she completed an Art A 'Level. Years later she returned to complete the Access to H.E diploma in Art and Design

Anna Smith graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a Masters degree in fine art. Anna now edits arts and social action magazine, Collectivism. Anna curate's art exhibitions working in the community and with established Wolverhampton artists. The most recent exhibition was the Recovery exhibition at Light House working with various charities and service users. Anna runs the weekly art class for the Good Shepherd and firmly believes everyone is creative.

Leanne Hayes 

Leanne Hayes has just started the Access to H.E Art & Design Diploma and plans to progress on to a fine art degree at university in the near future. 

Leanne exhibited at the Light House for Recovery Month, her first professional exhibition. Leanne has been part of the 'Let's Engage' program at Good Shepherd Ministry and Places of Welcome. Leanne has just started the Access to Higher Education Diploma in Art and Design at Adult Education. 

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