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A walk in the park


This term Life Skills students will be taking part in activities designed to make them more mental health aware.

Students have been looking at emotions and how to identify emotions in others and themselves. They identified activities that they take part in and those that make them feel good.

This week students took part in a walking for health day at Wolverhampton's West Park. Students planned the route that they walked to and from.

Before the trip students discussed healthy eating and how this can affect how they feel. They then planned and prepared their own lunch for the day which they sat and enjoyed in the shade of the trees at lunch time.

During the day students played ball and card games, activities they had chosen prior to the visit. Games that included the use of number skills. They also discussed the outdoor exercise equipment and had a go at some gentle exercise.

While exploring the park the group discovered a sensory garden. There were a variety of smells and textures to experience and musical pebbles. A space that they all found very relaxing.

Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day which was filled with good humour and laughter. Students were considerate of each other, slowing down the pace for those who could not walk very fast. They were very respectful and polite and did not complain about the amount of walking they were doing. They learned about how activities such as those experienced during the day can benefit their health and wellbeing. They also clocking up a fantastic number steps. Some students commented that they had achieved more than their average daily step count. I myself managed a grand total of 19322 steps.

Michelle Bishton
Life Skills Teacher

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