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A trip to the Black Country Museum


On Tuesday 2nd April, two groups of students from our Life Skills Move On and Like Skills Keep on Learning programmes went on a trip to the Black Country Museum together with their tutors Michelle Bishton, Bethune Matthews and a number of support workers.

The day started with most of the students catching the bus which was a great way to build our students confidence in using public transport. Everyone enjoyed the bus trip and when we arrived at the Black Country Museum the students split into various groups to enable them to do some of the activities that they most wanted to do.

One group went down the mine, whilst another group visited the Vintage Cars which everyone agreed were in great condition. Some of the students went on the Trolley bus and were very interested in what the conductor had to say.

At lunchtime we all met up in the Workers Institute to have a drink and then the students who had not taken their own lunch all went to Hobbs Fish & Chips to get their lunch.

We visited the CofE School and watched while some French students took part in a lesson.Whilst in there, one of the students spotted a poster about the Titanic. His level of knowledge on the subject astounded me and I certainly learnt a few things.

Several of the students went on the fairground. There was a lot of fun to be had on the cakewalk and one lucky student 'Bal', even managed to win himself a prize on the tin can stall. We had a good walk around the site and the students enjoyed seeing the barges and the foundry.

Dawn, who supported on day said "The thing that always strikes me when I am lucky enough to go out to support these events with the students, is the level of respect they have for the tutors, and support workers. They are always polite and friendly and well behaved. One thing I noticed in particular, was how well they look after each other. Whilst in the Workers Institute one young man came in late and there were no seats available round the table.  Another student told him to pull up a chair so he wouldn't be on his own. When we left the Museum to return to Old Hall Street we had to cross a busy dual carriageway to get to our bus stop. All the students were sensible and listened to instructions and enjoyed their bus trip back to College. A thoroughly enjoyable and educational trip was had by all."

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