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AEW is helping to narrow the digital divide


Over the last 10 months it has been clear that the digital divide has been getting bigger with more people disadvantaged because they are without access to the Internet and other information and communication technologies. As further basic activities are moved online some people are unable or less able to obtain digital information, shop online, participate democratically, or learn skills and offer skills.

In response to this AEW has organised a laptop loan scheme and help for students to access the internet in their own homes making it possible for more people to access what could be seen as a basic right. 

Students benefit from loans scheme

One group of students who have benefitted from the loan scheme is the 3 day Move On Life Skills class, all of whom now have access to laptops to enable them to engage with learning online. This is their story:

Week one

It's only our first week of live streaming for the Life Skills Move On Group, but it has already made a huge difference to how they're engaging with their remote learning. It has not been easy for them or their parents and carers but they have been very determined, students are more focused and able to manage their time more effectively.

Students have been fully engaged in learning activities, live streaming, completed work set and have more of a structure to their week. This has been a bit of a challenge in some cases but you can imagine my jump for joy at receiving completed work from them. We still have work to do but we're getting there.

We've also been supporting parents and carers in the use of the technology and helping them to improve their digital skills so that they can support our students to keep them on track. Parents and carers have become more actively involved in their child's learning while supporting them which has been wonderful to see. 

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Life Skills - Live streaming week 2
Looking on the bright side
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