This term Students attending the Life Skills 'Move on and Keep Learning' class have been researching the history of World War 1. On Tuesday 6th November the group visited the Imperial War Museum in Manchester.

During the day students got to see all the exhibits related to the First World War, this included the exhibitions 'Lest we forget' and 'Poppies: Wave'. They recorded their visit through photographs and had the opportunity to speak to veterans who volunteer at the museum. Some students had been looking into their family history and were able to share their personal stories.

Students also got the chance to look at wartime artefacts which helped them to relate to the experience of the time and to bring what they had been learning in class to life. After the visit students shared what they learnt through discussion. 

Dawn Ohm (AEW Staff) went along on the trip to support the students and felt very privileged to see the fantastic rapport between the students, tutors, support workers and carers.

Dawn said "It was evident to me that there is a lot of respect on both sides and it was great to see the students confidently looking around the exhibitions independently with the knowledge that they had support on hand if required. The students were encouraged to take lots of photos, so they could discuss the visit on their return to class and I was impressed by the quality of these and the students use of modern technology."

There was something very special about the day and I was so lucky to be there to see the students outside of the Service.

I spent time with one young man over lunch who told me how happy he was since coming to Adult Education, I was also talking to another student who said the visit was very special for him as it helped him to understand some of the stories his grandfather had told him about the war. His knowledge of the different aeroplanes astounded me and the fact he could tell which plane was overhead by the sound of the engine.

It was wonderful to sit on the coach and see two separate classes communicating well with each other and how caring they are towards one another. They have a great relationship with their teachers and support workers which was evidenced by some very humorous exchanges.

What a fantastic trip with some great outcomes. Well done to all."