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Remote learning... a new way forward!


I struggle with maths at the best of times so when England came to a standstill I wondered how I would progress. I am currently studying Functional Skills Maths Level 1 at Adult Education Wolverhampton.

Our first session during the Coronavirus lockdown left me a little out in the cold, I struggled without the face-to-face direction from our fantastic teacher particularly when tackling a new topic. I can honestly say, "Week one was very challenging. But by Week two, I knew I'd had a breakthrough!"

It takes time to organise resources and get used to a new way of teaching and learning but week 2 was great! Learning online in the virtual world of video conferencing is the way forward. I was in my own living room but this week the usual fun and lively dynamic of the class was back. Learning, interacting and laughing with others in my opinion is the very best way forward!

This message goes out to all my fellow students. Be patient, give your teacher the credit they deserve they are doing a fantastic job of supporting us at a difficult time.

Today I am a happy student who will be revising for an assessment after Easter. Right now virtual learning is the way forward, I embrace it! Adult Education Wolverhampton is still a great place to learn…all be it remotely!

Val – Functional Skills Maths 

You will never walk alone
Food for thought!

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