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Volunteering: Empowering others


During this week's lesson, my level 2 Functional Skills English students explored the 'Word of the Week'- EMPOWER. They identified many ways to empower a person; some of the suggestions were: offering to listen, encouraging goal setting, giving someone a voice and being non-judgemental.

Making sure a person is given the opportunity of friendship, is included in things, encouraged, supported and complimented will ensure they feel valued and increase their self-confidence. Giving others our time was a key message.

Students produced poster to persuade people to take part in voluntary activities around Wolverhampton; the groups focused on:




Many of the students are already involved in volunteering, offering help and support at Prince's Trust, Home Start, The Good Shepherd, The Bike Shed, The Soup Kitchen, Hope into Action and the Building Better Opportunities programme.

If you are looking to give some time to help others the students suggest you should visit 'Wolverhampton Voluntary Service' who have also recently visited the College to provide these opportunities. 

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