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Embracing differences


Seema, a drag artist, fashion and textiles designer and teacher visited the Life Skills group at the Maltings to discuss and inform students about the LGBTQ culture. Students were invited to look through her portfolios of work which showed a wide range of clothing, costumes and jewellery, items that have been showcased at LBGTQ events such as 'Pride'.

Seema talked about her work at IMAAN the UK's leading LGBTQ Muslim charity, an organisation who support LGBTQ Muslims giving them a safe space and support. She also talked about keeping safe and building a supportive network. Students discussed their feelings about being in public spaces and talked about building their confidence and independence. They also discussed what they should do if they felt unsafe and in danger. During the day Seema modelled for the group incorporating 2 flamboyant costume changes. The group drew and photographed her on site and on location. They were also give the task to design costumes for Seema focusing on colours, textures and form. The designs created by the group were inspired by Seema's portfolio.

Seema - photo By Seranne Behenna

Tutor Hannah Boyd said, "The day was an opportunity for students and staff to learn more about the LGBTQ culture and widen their understanding of fundamental British Values. Everyone was respectful and embracing of each other's differences, whilst taking the chance to find out about each other's similarities. The session also gave the students a chance to talk about keeping each other safe as part of a community." 

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