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Creativity through poetry


During this term, some of my English learners have demonstrated their creative skills and produced some lovely poems about their mothers. The focus of their English session was to use adjectives to aid description, identify syllables to aid spelling and improve their range of vocabulary used in writing. They were also encouraged to include examples of literary devices to enhance their work.

Learners were introduced to Haiku poetry, acrostic poetry and the concept of rhyme and repetition.

Using poetry to reinforce these areas allowed them to express their feelings and thoughts while applying these skills in a creative way.

Some of the comments in their learning diary stated that they: 

We discussed literary devices, emotive language and vocabulary, and how to create emotion when writing. Putting these things together, and thinking about it whilst writing, has given me the tools to write a more complex and emotive piece in my exams.

by LC

A small selection of work is attached to view. A small display of work can be found in room 11.

Pam Lavender

Washington Shearer
Veena Kumari

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