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Creating a Business!


 Mandy Hadfield designer/maker and painting and drawing teacher at Adult Education Wolverhampton visited the Entry Level 3 (Setting up a Creative Business) class that is helping students to explore setting up their own small creative business. Each week the sessions explore different aspects of setting up and help students to develop an awareness of their own enterprise skills.

Since completing a degree in Three Dimensional Design specialising in glass in 2002, Mandy became a teacher in art and design teaching across a wide variety of courses. Alongside being a teacher Mandy is a practising glass Artist. Mandy's glass work gains inspiration from both nature and her children's artwork giving her work a fun and uplifting feel. Mandy also provides creative based and glass workshops to all ages and abilities sharing her passion for art and design.

This week Mandy spoke to a group of aspiring entrepreneurs about her small business and shared some of the facts. She talked about her inspiration and why she decided to start a business. She also covered marketing, pricing, her product and creating a brand.

Creative business teacher Beth Matthews said, "It was a really motivational session that was well-received, giving students plenty of food for thought... Each week we cover a different topic and are planning to have guests who will share their expertise on a number of different business related topics. This will help to give students lots of business and practical advice that will help them to develop their product and their business potential."

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