Black History Month 2018

Black History month celebrates the achievements and contributions of black people not just in the UK, but throughout the world and also helps to educate us all on black history.

Students from across Adult Education have been involved in activities aimed a highlighting and celebrating black history.

The work on show is a selection of work that was created during the month of October 2018

Black History Craft Engagement

On Tuesday 16th October the Seventh Day Adventist Church hosted a day of activities to celebrate Black History Month. Adult Education Wolverhampton joined the activities and delivered an art and craft engagement activity to the members of the centre. The group worked together to create a mixed media collage that represented cultural diversity.

A Portrait of Black History

Life Skills Students where tasked to create a portrait of Dr Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and copy some written information about why they are historically important. The group discussed Black History month and talked about why it is still celebrated today.

Seranne Benhenna from life the skills wrote about both of these important historical people and created a portrait of each. 

Researching Black History 

Students where tasked to research past and present famous people from Black history. The work shows a range of digital skills they have learnt during this first term.

Black History quiz

Students studying on the ESOL Entry 3 course where tasked to research some information about Black History Month. They researched the subject and answered 6 questions relating to the topic.

They found the task to be really interesting and said that it had raised their awareness about the celebration and about and when it takes place. Many students stated they did further research on this topic upon completion of the task.

Please see a sample of what was completed. 

Celebrating local black celebrities 

The Life Skills outreach groups from Great Brickkiln Community Centre got involved in activities to celebrate Black History Month. During one of the session they discussed famous local black celebrities, talked about who they were and what they were famous for. After the discussion the students did an activity where they had to match the person to the name and also to the symbol that represented their profession. This developed conversation, English skills, local knowledge, democracy, tolerance and general knowledge.