Students studying on the Access to Higher Education (H.E) Health Professionals Diploma hosted a health promotion to fellow students and staff at Adult Education Wolverhampton. As part of the course they were tasked to deliver an event aimed at highlighting issues related to mental and physical health and wellbeing. To do this, students created posters fliers and games around different topics and shared their knowledge with the public. 

Marvel Smith, course teacher said, "The group have taken the challenge head on. They have worked hard and produced some good research and resources into which they incorporated their own experiences. It's been a wonderful opportunity for them to experience first-hand what it is like as a health professional to deliver an important health message to the general public."​​

What our Students said... 

Fiona and Natalie who delivered information about mental health both said that this part of the course had taught them how to work as part of a team and the benefits of doing so. Their health promotion focussed on coping with exam stress, very apt for the environment. They discussed support and coping mechanisms.

Natalie said, "stress affects us all on a day to day basis and if you are struggling there is nothing to be ashamed of. Never be afraid to ask for help!"

Natalie plans to progress into adult nursing and Fiona hopes to specialise in food and nutrition.

Gertrude said, "working towards keeping a health body and mind will benefit everyone, young and old.It doesn't have to be a difficult process it just needs planning and preparation, which will be a great benefit in the long run. Gertrude is working towards a career in adult nursing, specialising in nutrition".

Reason, who plans to work in adult nursing said, "it hasn't been easy juggling my family and my studies however I am loving the challenge. The teachers are fantastic and a great inspiration and support".

Affrica said, "I live and breathe healthy living, I enjoy athletics so it's a really important part of my daily life."She is great a great advocate for health and fitness and plans to progress to a career in nursing specialising in children's nursing."

Inga said, "The course has been a rewarding challenge, I am learning something new every day. Today has been a great experience delivering information and helping educate people about a healthy life style, something I believe with a passion." Inga is working towards a career in adult nursing.

Access to Higher Education | Health Professionals Diploma

The Access to health pathway has been designed to progress students onto university degree course in Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic Science, Environmental Health, Public Health and a whole host of allied health and science degrees. 

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