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A trip to Cosford Air Museum


On Tuesday 29th January 2019 Life Skills students, Move On and Keep Learning classes visited Cosford Air Museum. 

This was part of their ongoing Tale of Two Cities project in which students are learning about the industrial history of the area and traditional crafts. 

This week students have been learning about the manufacture of planes in Wolverhampton. Boulton Paul Aircraft Ltd was an aircraft manufacturer based in Wolverhampton and situated on the edge of Pendeford airfield in Wolverhampton. The company built air craft for other manufacturers but also some of their own designs. One of these was the Defiant fighter. 

As part of Life Skills sessions students learn practical skills that they can use in their day to day lives. Students started out their day by meeting at the train station where they all purchased their own return tickets to Cosford. They had spent some time in class previously looking at time tables and prices of train tickets to plan their trip. 

They then travelled by train to Cosford and had a short walk to the museum. Students' had to observe both road and rail safety while doing this. 

At the museum they have a Boulton Paul Aircraft, Defiant fighter, used during the second world war on display.

Family history connection 

James has been looking at his family history and has learnt that one of his relatives worked at the factory making these planes.

Pictured: James next to a Boulton Paul Aircraft (Click to see a bigger image)

Interactive activities 

Students enjoyed looking at the wide collection of planes from different parts of the world.

Whilst at the museum students walked around in small groups, taking part in activities and taking photographs to document their visit.

The students enjoyed the interactive part of the museum where they experienced hands on learning and the science behind how flight works.

Meeting World War Two veterans 

We met some second world war veterans who had some wonderful photographs and stories to share. They were also from this area and remembered the factory and the planes. This really helped to bring the whole experience to life. 

Most students took a packed lunch with them which they had planned and prepared. Some brought money to buy lunch and drinks. Whilst others chose to spend money in the gift shop at the end of the visit. This outing gave students another opportunity to put into practice what they learn in class about planning for days out and managing their money.

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