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A portrait of 'Life Skills'


During their latest session Life Skills 'Keep Moving' students were accompanied by teacher Hannah Boyd on a visit to the BP British Portrait Award at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

BP British Portrait Awards

The exhibition is an annual celebration of contemporary painted portraiture by artists of all ages from across the world. The competition is one of the most important platforms for portrait painters and one of the largest global arts competitions. 

This year, 2667 entries were received from artists in 88 countries. Each was judged anonymously by a panel of judges (the artists' name, nationality, gender and age were withheld) and the list was gradually reduced to just 48 exceptional portraits for the exhibition.

Source: Wolverhampton Art Gallery

 'Life Skills' students get involved

Whilst at the gallery students discussed the work in the exhibition, they chose their favourite portrait and explained why. They used mobile devices to take pictures of each other in front of the paintings, noted the artists name and described what was in the image. Students then drew pictures of the portraits they had chosen.

Back on site at Adult Education that afternoon Hannah taught the group how to break down the proportions of the face. They worked on fractions, half, quarter and eighths.

For the remainder of the session the group practiced drawing portraits from life of fellow students Hardeep Samra, Maya Patel and support worker Lindsey.

Another Great day great at Adult Education. 

Interested in our 'Life Skills' course? 

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