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A creative and festive relief for 'Like Minds' students


The Like Minds art group that meet on a Tuesday morning are a mixture of new and old students. The group comes together to learn, create and to take their minds away from the worries of their day.

In today's session the group focused on a seasonal theme making 2D clay reliefs, using texture, pattern, form and text. The session resulted in the beginning of a fabulous array of handmade decorations.

Janet who is in her second year said, "I am really enjoying the sessions, they are very therapeutic. If I'm having a bad day it helps me to forget about how I am feeling and gives us all a different focus. We are all here for similar reasons mainly our mental health so we understand and support each other. At each session we are taught and inspired by the teacher and each other."

Earlier this year Sam was made redundant though ill health and decided that she wanted to focus on her creativity in a relaxed environment and build on her skills. One day she would like to become a self-employed designer maker. With her challenging health, she said that if she couldn't work for an employer she wanted to work for herself.

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