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A creative journey


The Level 3 painting and drawing class came together and started their journey of creativity back in April 2016 when they all joined the beginner's art class here art Adult Education. Some joining independently and others progressing from our Like Minds classes aimed to help individuals who are recovering from stress, anxiety or mild depression.

Together as a group they went on to complete the NCFE Level 1 Award in Creative Craft in 16-17, the Level 2 in 18/19 and finally completed the Level 3 qualification in July 2019.

What did the students learn? 

 During the process each student learnt to: 

  • use raw materials, tools and equipment in a safe way
  • develop analytical and research skills
  • evaluate their own work, develop ideas and learning through the craft process
  • develop an understanding of health and safety considerations in the craft environment
  • develop an overview of enterprise skills and characteristics present in successful enterprising individuals
  • develop communication skills through a range of media

Next steps... 

Some students have been developing their artwork and are venturing into working as self-employed artist selling their incredible designs.

The group have gone the distance in terms of qualifications offered at Adult Education and have successfully completed and passed all levels to an exceptionally high standard. The Group have formed an amazing supportive bond and continue to meet as a creative art group outside of AEW on a weekly basis.

What our students said... 

We are a group of people from different walks of life, in class we come together as an interactive and supportive group, learning from each other, we work well together with our teacher engendering a creative and inspiring environment.

by Paul Owen

The teacher has been key, not only did she teach us the skills but she made us think about what we were doing and inspired each or us to develop our own vision.

by Pat Bueno

The Art group has been very supportive and beneficial to my creativity. The teacher has been brilliant and has made learning a all a very sociable and inspirational class.

by Alison Shearan

The class has given me the opportunity to develop my skills and see which direction I wanted to take my creativity. The demonstrations were inspiring and the group has been helpful with positive critique.Working towards a final project has given me structure with some flexibility.

by Carolyn Tranter

 Adult Education would like to congratulate the whole group for achieving such a high standard of work and wishes all students the very best with their creative futures.

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