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Listening to your views

Your voice is important in ensuring that the Service is meeting your needs. There are a number of ways in which you can express your views to help us to improve the Service.

The Classroom

To enable you to succeed in your studies, it is important that there is regular feedback between you and your tutor on your progress, achievements and future goals.

Apart from the regular interaction and feedback between you and your tutor in the classroom, there will be regular progress reviews to assess your progress and it is important that you participate fully in these reviews to help you succeed.

There will also be formal assessments of your progress.

This feedback between you and your tutor is very important in ensuring that we are meeting your needs and helping you to succeed in your programme of study. 

The Students’ Council

You have a right for your views about any aspect of the Service to be heard.

At the start of each academic year, learner representatives are sought from all areas of the Service to work with other students, representatives and staff to improve services that affect their learning experience.

The representatives meet at least three times each year and play an active part in representing and identifying students’ concerns and in addressing key issues.

Representatives provide an important communication channel between the Service Managers and students, and are actively involved in consultation events or focus groups which take place throughout the year.

New members are always made welcome, so please consider representing your fellow students. If you would like more information about this please contact Suzie Lowe (see contact details here) in the first instance or speak to your tutor. 

Surveys and Focus Groups

We will seek your views about different services we offer through occasional surveys which may be on-line or paper-based. We may also ask you to join a focus group to air your experiences or opinions about a particular topic. We recognise that it is important we listen and then take action. 

‘The Big Chat’

Annually we invite students to participate in ‘The Big Chat’ event during which you are consulted about your learning experience. Your responses are then prioritised and solutions suggested at a follow up event involving staff and students working together. It’s also an opportunity to look at what we are doing well and how this can be further extended. 

The ‘VoiceBox’

Wolverhampton Adult Education Service is always exploring a variety of methods to get your opinions about how we are doing. The VoiceBox is an opportunity for you to give your feedback through video. Simply sit in front, press start and away you go! The VoiceBox will tour different locations and groups of students throughout the academic year.

Compliments, Complaints and Suggestion Process

We strive to deliver a high quality service to all of our students across all of our programmes. We regularly ask for feedback about the different services we offer in order that we can continue to develop as an organisation. However, we recognise that there will be occasions when we don’t get it right and therefore we welcome complaints and suggestions in order that we can change and improve our service.

If you do have a complaint we can assure you we will act promptly and with discretion and no-one will be treated differently as a result of making a complaint.

If you have a complaint about any aspect of the service you have received, or if you feel you have been treated unfairly, you should take the following action:

  • Firstly, talk through your experience with a member of staff. We will always listen to your concern and try to deal with it at an early stage to prevent further problems. Please allow enough time for us to come back to you with an agreed way forward.
  • If you feel that your concern has not been resolved, please complete a Complaints, Compliments and Suggestion form, available from our information points or any member of staff. Please give as much detail as possible in order that we can process it quickly and efficiently.

We also welcome confirmation of what has gone well and those elements of our Service that deserve a compliment. So please let us know. 

‘InBrief’ newsletter

Every term the Service produces ‘InBrief’ which is your newsletter. It provides useful information about events in the Service, opportunities and good news stories.

View issues of the newsletter on the Publications page.

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