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Seong Ngoh Chua - ESOL Level 1 English

Seong Ngoh Chua - ESOL Level 1 English

I really love studying at Adult Education Wolverhampton and I feel I am finally progressing in the right direction. 

My name is Seong Ngoh Chua, I was born in a multi-cultural country called Malaysia and I'm now a part time student at Adult Education Wolverhampton studying on the ESOL, Level 1 course.

I have been learning English since I was in nursery school but our English class was limited and we seldom spoke English with each other in my country of birth.

I have now been a resident in the UK for 16 years. I always loved to join courses at my daughter's school but always felt isolated due to a lack of confidence and my limited language skills.

In April 2016 my best friend introduced me to Adult Education Wolverhampton. Following English assessments I started ESOL classes for the first time here in England. I am now in my third semester and am confidently studying on the Level 1 writing and grammar course.

At the moment I'm a PTA member at my daughter's school, a volunteer teaching assistant at the Overseas Chinese Association School in Birmingham and an interpreter for my friends when they need my help. My confidence has improved tremendously since attending classes at Adult Education and socializing with others. After seeing my achievements and awards my brother has also decided to join the ESOL English Course in September.

I really love studying at Adult Education Wolverhampton and I feel I am finally progressing in the right direction. We might feel nervous, we might feel stress when taking exams but we feel joy when learning together. I'm planning to take up either ‘Functional Skills’ or a ‘Get ready for Work’ course next.

Adult Education Wolverhampton is a really excellent place to study, it's an ideal learning centre for those who want to gain more knowledge and skills. The tutors are very patient and professional have excellent knowledge and information and are always willing to explain anything we don’t understand. They are polite and helpful and always greet you with a smile.

I would definitely recommend Adult Education to all of my friends and hope that my story has inspired anyone reading this to choose learning as a life changing option. 

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