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Bernadette Francis - Bookkeeping

Bernadette Francis - Bookkeeping

Adult Education has helped me to have a better perspective for a happier and healthier life. 

Many years have passed since I last sat in a learning institution. Migrating to the UK in 2014 opened the door for me to do so again.

I went to Adult Education Wolverhampton to inquire about teaching my skill of hand-weaving textiles when I was given the course directory. Feeling very impressed I found the courses they offered very interesting and in 2015 I signed up for English language and maths and then went on to study SAGE bookkeeping.

Adult Education has helped me to have a better perspective for a happier and healthier life. Learning really is the key. I have learned to respect others opinions, I have built a brilliant vocabulary, improved my spelling and grammar and have learned the tricks and short cuts to solving mathematical problems. Bookkeeping has added volume to my small business and taught me accuracy and how to handle issues properly.

I am very grateful for the opportunity that Adult Education has given me. With the help of its diligent tutors it has enabled me to achieve certificates in English, maths and also in SAGE bookkeeping. Presently I am preparing for my GCSE English language exam which I will complete in June 2017

I plan to continue with SAGE bookkeeping and hope to start the Level 2 qualification in September 2017. My long term goal is to become a highly certified sports massage therapist.
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