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Sarah Allington

Sarah Allington

"If it wasn’t for Adult Education Wolverhampton, it is unlikely I would be where I am, or who I am today."

My journey began in 2012 when I chanced upon two members of staff advertising adult education’s creative courses at a craft event. At that time, I was a world away from where I am now as I was attending the event with my Mum pushing me in a wheelchair. I was unable to walk after an industrial accident in 2011 which left me in chronic pain and a brain injury affecting my mobility.

Having already dabbled in some basic jewellery making to keep me occupied after my accident, I joined the ‘Unusual and Recycled Jewellery’ course Adult Education Wolverhampton offered. Loving what I was creating on this first course, I decided to challenge my abilities by joining the ‘Silver Jewellery’ course. This was the beginning of an amazing journey; a journey of learning and unwavering support from tutors and fellow students that would ultimately help me on my road to recovery. Now my confidence has grown, I have an entirely new set of skills and I have set up my own business.

I sit here today writing this statement still in constant chronic pain, still on a journey to recovery, but happily now able to walk, albeit slowly, with the use of a crutch. The best bit, however, is the place where I am sat writing this. I am at the computer in my own studio, where I create bespoke silver jewellery and handmade cards. My creations are then sold under the brand ‘Sarah Ellen Designs’. I am a self-employed designer maker!

I have gone from being nervous, shy and unsure what I could do with my life after an injury which left me needing constant help from others, to a much more confident person able to overcome my shyness to promote what I love to do. I am determined to battle through each day, and make something pretty and unique. These unique pieces are then purchased by someone who loves what I have made as much as I loved making it - what could be better!

The help I have received from Adult Education Wolverhampton has been, and will continue to be invaluable. Along with the love and support I receive from my indescribably amazing family and friends, I am almost entirely a different person in 2016 than I was in 2012.

I will continue to spend one evening each week developing new jewellery skills with Adult Education Wolverhampton, for as long as I can, and hope to simultaneously push my business forward, whilst still working hard to continue my physical recovery - I think that sounds achievable after everything I have already done.
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