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Family Learning Easter activities

We would like to invite you and your children to join Adult Education Wolverhampton in our FREE Family Learning Easter Event on Tuesday 11th April.

Family Learning - Easter activities 
Tuesday 11 April 
10am- 3pm 

Crafts | Flowers | Food | Egg Hunt

Family Learning programmes engage parents and carers so that they improve their own skills to support the work of schools and help their children to succeed by understanding how children learn in school and how they can help them at home. The skills are developed as an integral part of FEML courses in many subject areas such as Healthy Exercise and Art, Crafts and Textiles. Children and adults soon grow in confidence and communication which contribute to success.

Wider Family Learning programmes offer short, fun activities to initially engage families and provide the first steps into learning and supporting children’s learning. Longer programmes in English, Maths and Language show parents and carers how to encourage the love of reading, writing and using numbers in children and gain useful qualifications themselves which can help them towards further learning or gaining employment. 

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