ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages)
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ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

If English is not your first language, join our ESOL classes. All courses will help you to learn more about life and work in the UK.

Levels on offer

Adult Education Wolverhampton off ESOL courses from Pre-Entry to Level 1. Daytime classes are usually three times a week and evening classes are twice a week. Before you start a course, you will have an assessment to make sure you are on the right course at the right level.

What will you learn?

In your first course you will work on speaking and listening skills.
In your second semester, you will work more on reading and writing skills.
At the end of each course you will take an exam, if you are ready.

On this course you will:
  • improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing in English
  • improve your grammar
  • learn about life and work in the UK
  • gain confidence

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What is ESOL?
English for Speakers of Other Languages is for people whose 1st language is not English.

What are the entry requirements for ESOL?
There are no entry requirements. You will have an assessment to decide which class is the best for you.

What does an ESOL course teach?
The course will help you communicate in English. You will improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will gain confidence and learn about life and work in the UK. This will help you with things like shopping, going to the doctor and speaking to people in your local community.

How can ESOL improve my CV?
A formal ESOL qualification shows employers that you are committed to learning and improving your skills.

Benefits of completing an ESOL course
• find a job
• access further training opportunities
• understand people better
• be more comfortable in your community
• understand your rights

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