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Are your costs and debts multiplying? Don’t lose control, join one of our short ‘Multiply’ courses and gain the maths knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to help in improving your financial wellbeing.

Adult Education Wolverhampton will be helping to meet this challenge. We are supporting the City of Wolverhampton Council by delivering a range of maths courses to help you manage your finances due to the increased cost of living. 

Why join one of our courses?

Learn some simple ways to:

  • manage the high cost of food and fuel
  • find financial information and where to get help
  • better understand your finances
  • make the most of your money


According to the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey conducted by the ONS between 27 April and 22 May 2022:

77% of adults feel worried about the rising costs of living
residents most likely to feel worried about the rising costs of living include women, those aged 30 to 49 years and 50 to 69 years, disabled people, and those living with a dependent child aged 0 to 4 years
overall, those with a particularly low wage had the most people feeling very worried

The full ONS ‘Opinions and Lifestyle Survey’:

Office for National Statistics, 2022, Worries about the rising costs of living, Great Britain: April to May 2022, Available at: Click here (Accessed: 9 November 2022).

Apply for a Multiply course

Find a multiply course now or get in touch if this is you and find out where one of our ‘Multiply’ courses will take place. There’s sure to be one in your area.

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