Why choose AEW?
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Why choose AEW?

We are very proud of the quality of service that we offer and the outcomes our students achieve.

We can think of 5 good reasons why you should choose Adult Education Wolverhampton:

1. A great all-round quality experience

In our last full inspection in 2014, Ofsted officially rated us at OUTSTANDING in all aspects. Only 4 Adult Education providers in the country currently have this top rating, and we are very proud to be one of them! You can read some of the very positive comments Ofsted made about us.

2. Fantastic pass rates

Our overall pass rate for adults is superb at 91% well above that of similar organisations.

3. High student satisfaction rates

We get lots of great feedback from our students. In the 2018 national student satisfaction online survey 97% of students said they would recommend Adult Education Wolverhampton to others. In the survey our students gave us particularly high ratings for the quality of teaching and learning and being treated well by staff. You can compare our student satisfaction ratings with those for colleges and other providers on https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/fe-choices-learner-satisfaction-survey-2017-to-2018

4. Better job prospects

A great number of students improve their job prospects once they have studied with Adult Education Wolverhampton. Our survey results show that 93% reported a positive employment related outcome. 33% got a full-time or part-time job, became self-employed or got a promotion after finishing their studies. Whilst a further 60% started volunteering, gained valuable work experience or noted another work benefit following their studies.

5. Great “extras” from your learning

As well as gaining skills and qualifications, learning can bring a whole range of other benefits. Each year we ask our students what benefits they have got from their learning. Of 993 students surveyed last year 70% had gained in confidence, 35% had improved their physical or mental health, and 30% were more involved in their child’s education.

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